Stay Safe Online: the Basics of Cybersecurity for Beginners

stay safe cyber security

Stay Safe Online: Unveiling the Basics of Cybersecurity for Beginners. These days, in online security, we speak too little; there needs to be more documentation about this because people need to know how to get your data but, above all, how to avoid it.

Let me explain how hackers are trying to fish your information.

  1. They are trying to get by email, the most common scam. 
Phishing working

2. They are trying to get by SMS.

stole your information

3.  They are trying to get by calls.

calls scam prevent

There are different ways to scam, and getting money seems easy, but they have a good strategy, which is simple to fall into the trap. Now, the technology with AI can have a significant impact on people if they don’t have any preparation.

How to avoid it?

  1. Don’t fall into scams: avoid emails that come weird from lottery, bank, loans, or delivery.
  2. Protected your accounts: Setting in your apps two-factor authentication makes checking how to activate this more secure here.

3. Online: When you are navigating on the web, make sure that you are on HTTPS secure protocol and be careful with the data you give in the forms web. 

4. Update: Update all systems and apps because the updates bring more security.

5. Be careful with free downloads: they Can bring viruses.

I give you some essential tips to prevent hackers from getting your data. I hope to share this information with your family and friends and provide an introduction to old adults and children because they are vulnerable.



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