Win in Convenience and Returns: The Top 3 Online Banks 2024

earn money wit your savings

Win in Convenience and Returns: The Top 3 Online Banks 2024, Usually, a lot of people need this information about account saving and earning money with high interest. 

First, what is account saving?

Easy, it is just an account where you have all your savings.

When you put your money in the bank, they have great benefits because they invest your money.

The bank must pay you interest for your money.

What are your interests? 

Interest is the amount of money a lender or financial institution receives for lending out money.

Any way is like lending. Then we know what account savings and interest are.  

Why do some banks not pay interest?

Because they are famous banks, they don’t need more people. Besides, they have a lot of buildings. 

What are online Banks?

Usually, these banks don’t have an office due to high costs; however, they prefer to share their income with the customers, and FDIC protects most online banks (protects depositors of insured banks located in the United States against the) being afraid your money is safe. 

Well, Now you know a little bit about finance, the basics to see that you can earn more for your account savings. 

What are the best online banks in USA 2024?

1) Sofi Bank: It is a good bank that I’m actually using. I think it is the best bank because it has a good interface and is easy to use. Besides, they give you the best APY of up to 4.60%. Additionally, if you click here with my referral link, you get $ 25 and up to 325$ for direct deposit. No fees. Invest your money. 

2) American Express: My second favorite bank, they pay 4.35% APY. No fees.

american express saving

3) Apple card saving account: I have to say that Apple has a good account saving for that reason. It is 3rd in the ranking, and they pay 4.15% APY, No annual fees, no late fees, and no foreign transaction fees. No fees. Really first you must have the apple card before apply for account saving.

Win in Convenience and Returns: The Top 3 Online Banks 2024

This information helps you take action about your money-saving and investing. All these banks are really good, so take the opportunity. 



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